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Client Satisfaction Survey

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Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Strongly Agree N/A
1. The client was given hope and encouragement?
2. The client's medical needs were addressed?
3. Therapy was provided?
4. Y.E.S House psychiatric services were provided?
5. Client, parent, and/or other stakeholders were treated with dignity and respect?
6. Clients and family were educated on treatment and medications options?
7. Basic Shelter was provided?
8. Adequate food was provided?
9. Educational services were provided?
10. Substance abuse treatment was provided?
11. The treatment team was supportive?
12. Treatment Plans, Case Plans, or Family meetings were held regularly?
13. Staff made every attempt to keep the client safe?
14. Programs were individualized to help clients succeed?
15. Staff communicated with team members for input and decisions?
16. Any grievances/complaints were addressed in a timely manner?
17. Y.E.S. Staff contributed to client success?
18. The Y.E.S. House therapist contributed to client and families success?
19. The Y.E.S. House teachers contributed to client and families success?
20. Overall, the Y.E.S. House services were supportive and effective?

Yes No If No, What would have made using our services easier or better?
Physical/architectural aspects allowed easy use of the facilities
If the client was put on a waiting list was it short
A safe environment was provided
Confidentiality was maintained
Communication was in understandable language
Input was asked for and used
Special needs were addressed
Services were provided without regard for ability to pay
Transportation was available
Services were provided to prepare/apply for employment

If you have any further comments or suggestions, please feel free to use the space below:

Please feel free to contact Youth Emergency Services with any suggestions or concerns that you may have.