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Cloud Peak Energy Makes Donation

Cloud Peak Energy has made a generous donation of $15,000 to the Y.E.S. House Impact Youth Mentorship Program to provide peer-to-peer or adult-to-child mentoring services to children in Campbell County. The Y.E.S. House is sincerely grateful to Cloud Peak Energy for sharing our passion and commitment to the children and families.

Mentoring success story:

This match was one that feels like it was meant to be, and we are excited to see growth with this mentee.  When staff completed the intake interviews she found that the mentor and mentee had many common interests including weightlifting, being outdoors, playing video games, and basketball.  This match also shares similar life experiences.  Both the mentor and the mentee were born in prison to incarcerated mothers.  Both were adopted by family members as young teens, and both had parents who struggled with substance abuse.  The mentor made some bad choices in the past and is passionate about helping youth from following a destructive path.  The mentee has made good choices and is doing well despite his rocky upbringing.  The mentee’s grandmother is pleased that her grandchild will have someone who understands where he is coming from and will help keep him going in a positive direction.  They had so many things in common and got along so well that the match meeting took over two hours.  A goal for this match is to work on social skills; and grandma says it has been going so well and the mentee is happy with this match.