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Endowment Funds

Your tax-deductible charitable contribution can be guided into one of the following categories and specific programs. You can identify an existing program as a beneficiary or it can be used for general assistance to the Y.E.S. House or to help build the Foundation’s Endowment Fund. Building the Endowment will allow the Y.E.S. House to provide even more assistance to children and their families in the future.

Outright Gifts

You can make an outright gift of cash, securities, real estate, or personal property. If your total deductions exceed your maximum permitted federal deductions for one year, you can claim the excess as deductions on your Federal tax returns in the subsequent five years.

Matching Gifts

Employees can make a monthly contribution which can be matched by the company for which she/he works.

Gifts of Appreciated Securities

Donating appreciated securities to the Y.E.S. Foundation Endowment fund avoids Capital Gains tax on the difference between the price you paid for the securities and their current market value the date the gift is made. Income tax deductions are also allowed.

Gifts of Real Estate

Making a property gift to the Y.E.S. Foundation credits you with a contribution valued at fair market value of the real estate which is ordinarily ascertained by a real estate appraiser.

Deferred Gifts

You may choose to name the Y.E.S. Foundation as a recipient of a major gift in the future. Such deferred gifts can be tailored to your personal circumstances while helping you achieve important deductions in your current personal income taxes and estate taxes.

Life Income Gifts

You can assign cash, securities, or other assets irrevocably to the Y.E.S. Foundation. They are then invested to pay a lifetime percentage or fixed amount to you, the donor, or succeeding beneficiaries. It also gives you a substantial charitable deduction against taxable income in the year you donate, even though it continues to produce income for you throughout your lifetime.

Life Insurance

You can name the Y.E.S. Foundation the sole contingent beneficiary of an existing policy. Income tax benefits are available for this type of gift.


Gifts by will, whether in the form of cash, securities, or other property may be fully deducted in determining federal estate taxes and inheritance taxes.

If you need additional guidance in these matters, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to support your intentions.