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Sheri England, Executive Director

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WELCOME to the Y.E.S. House. It is my pleasure to introduce our programs, and explain what the Y.E.S. House can offer to families who are facing challenges in raising children. I have been with the Y.E.S. House for more than a decade, and have witnessed many success stories that would touch anyone’s heart. I have learned when the family works hard, has a willingness to change, and believes that they can overcome the issues; they will succeed.

When children and their families are in the care of the Y.E.S. House, it is a time to make life changes, to learn new skills, and to set a new roadmap. Our dedicated staff help children realize their potential and possibilities; and then assist in making dreams a reality. Our children’s dreams are the same as yours and mine, “the dream of safety, love, support, and happiness”. I encourage you to read the information on this website. Maybe you have children that need our programs, maybe you have a friend who is struggling, or maybe you are a person who wants to get involved in our programs by becoming a mentor or foster parent.

The Y.E.S. House doors are open to anyone who needs us. We are available on a 24-hour basis, and will do everything possible to help children and families succeed. It is our commitment to you and our community!



Join the YES House and the American Association for Suicide Prevention in creating a culture that's smart about mental health! #RealConvo

We're here for you!


After my experience there, I now have a goal to become a youth advocate or some member of law enforcement. ~ A.W.

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    6-24-21
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    6-1-21
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    8-26-20
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    7-29-20

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